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Mindfulness, Authenticity, and Launch Insights


Sandra Saller

In this episode, she shares everything she learned from her recent and first launch. We get to learn how much it means to be mindful and be authentic in your launch, as well as some insights on how to improve your launches

“For me it’s both ways, it’s deepening (the connections) that you have and then also broadening the horizon but not wasting too much energy in that big field.”

Sandra Saller is a Feng Shui and Meditation coach. She was a former teacher and IT-consultant who’s burnout led her to New Zealand 12 years ago. Creating her own path, she decided to try launching an online course. 

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Sandra’s Journey 
  • Making last minute changes to your launch
  • Utilizing your circles of influence and mailing list
  • Authenticity during a launch
  • Mindfulness and meditation


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